Netflix's Extraction: Chris Hemsworth Reveals The Intense Training Schedule Required For Those Fight Scenes

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction

The Russo Brothers are primarily known for their work within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the last two Captain America movies and both Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. But with the Infinity Saga in the rearview, the filmmakers have moved on to some new exciting projects, many of which star Marvel actors. One of these projects is Netflix's new thriller Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth kicked a ton of ass throughout the movie, as his character Tyler Rake earned a massive body count. And now the actor has explained what a grueling shooting schedule Sam Hargrave's Extraction truly was.

Extraction has quickly become one of Netflix's most popular releases, as its wild action and involvement of the Russo Brothers and Chris Hemsworth inspiring countless Netflix subscribers to stream the new movie. Hemsworth flexed his Thor muscles and then some with the movie's action, which is dizzying and constant throughout the movie's runtime. The 36 year-old actor recently opened up about the rehearsal needed to pull such thrilling sequences, saying:

We had weeks of rehearsals that we went through with Sam [Hargrave]. And then everyday we were shooting one scene, we’d be rehearsing the next fight scene that was the following day. So it didn’t really stop and it was a three-month shoot basically kind of running and sprinting and fighting the whole time. Exhausting but rewarding, because I think that we achieved some unique special stunt experiences that I’ve certainly never been apart of and haven’t seen in a while.

Talk about a hard day's work. Chris Hemsworth had to put his body through a ton of training in order to play Tyler Rake in Extraction. The movie has non-stop action and gunfight scenes, including the stellar one-shot sequence in its first act. This required Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave to work on more than one action scene at once; as they filmed one, they were simultaneously rehearsing the next. This lasted for 3 months.

Chris Hemsworth's comments come from his recent Q&A session for Netflix's YouTube channel. Since so many subscribers have already streamed Extraction in its entirety, and had plenty of question for the hulking Thor actor. Eventually the movie's many action sequences were brought up, allowing Hemsworth to reveal just how grueling the filming process was. Grueling, but rewarding.

Extraction's action really does pay off, and is no doubt what got so many Netflix subscribers hooked when streaming the movie in its first week. While audiences are used to superhero fights and war movies, Sam Hargrave used a brisk pace and very inventive camera work to put the audience in Tyler Rake's shoes. What's more, the movie also slowed down at the right moments, allowing the film's two protagonists to connect on a deeper level.

Given how popular Extraction is, many are wondering if Netflix and The Russo Brothers might produce a sequel. It looks like that might just happen, hopefully with Chris Hemsworth's Tyler in tow. The movie's ending was left purposefully ambiguous, and seemingly left open the possibility of a sequel. What's more, writer Joe Russo confirmed he's got plenty of ideas for future installments.

Extraction is currently streaming on Netflix. Be sure to check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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