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This afternoon I sat down with Michelle Monaghan, the movie star who is taking a decidedly unglamorous turn in the tiny indie Trucker, coming out this Friday. We'll have plenty from Monaghan about her foray into the indie world later this week, but I also wanted to share what she had to say about her next role in the comedy Due Date, which she starts shooting next month alongside Robert Downey Jr., Zach Galifianakis and Jamie Foxx.

First of all, shooting has already begun but Monaghan won't join until next month, meaning we might be seeing some set photos of the road trip segment between Downey Jr. and Galifianakis soon. In the film Monaghan plays Downey Jr.'s wife, about to go into labor and waiting for her husband to come back from across the country. She confirmed that she spends her early scenes, at least, being "hit on" by Foxx, who plays an ex-boyfriend who happens to be around while her husband isn't.

And I asked her if she'd get to join in the fun of the movie, given that director Todd Phillips isn't exactly known for letting his female stars get in on the comedy. "Yeah, I get to have a little fun," Monaghan confirmed. "And I'm mostly excited to get to be wokring with Robert."

I asked how many scenes she and Downey Jr. share, given that they're separate for most of the film, and she merely confirmed that "We're all together at the end." She's being smart and cagey about the plot, but I'm optimistic now about a beefed up comedic role for her in the film, maybe comparable to Heather Graham's part in The Hangover with a few more sight gags (she'll be playing a woman who's 9 months pregnant, after all; there's got to be some jokes in there somewhere).

Check back later for more of our chat with Monaghan, in which we discuss-- among many other things-- the kind of maternal instinct, or lack thereof, that she might wind up bringing to Due Date as well.

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