Suicide Squad Director Posts Cryptic Joker Message After Snyder Cut Is Announced

Jared Leto as Joker in Suicide Squad
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Today is a monumental day for DC fans. 2017’s Justice League was an underwhelming release that has since opened up a conversation about what could have been. What if Zack Snyder had been able to direct his vision from start to finish? It’s now been announced that the Snyder Cut will in fact be coming to HBO Max, and Suicide Squad’s David Ayer is taking the opportunity to get fans talking about his own controversial flick.

Shortly after learning the Snyder Cut news, David Ayer took to Twitter to post this cryptic video starring Jared Leto’s Joker. Check it out:

Okay, what does this even mean? DC fans were only just processing the reality of the Snyder Cut actually heading to streaming in 2021 when the director posted this angsty clip of Jared Leto as Joker and the message “I am different fuck your opinion.” I don’t understand. What opinion? Explain yourself, David Ayer!

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David Ayer congratulated Zack Snyder for the achievement fans have been campaigning for years this morning just before drafting a series of Suicide Squad posts, including this awesome behind-the-scenes tidbit of The Joker’s version of The Beginning. Take a look:

This unusual activity from the filmmaker had fans throwing out the hashtag #ReleaseTheAyerCut. David Ayer has made it no secret that his own vision for the villainous squad was not realized as he had intended it to be due to studio meddling. In the past, Ayer has revealed aspects of the film that did not make it to the theatrical version, such as a love triangle for Harley Quinn.

It seems like David Ayer is throwing out a cryptic “what about me” to Warner Bros now that Zack Snyder’s Justice League is actually going to happen. There is a following of fans who started have been throwing the message around for Suicide Squad, but it’s not quite as massive as the Snyder Cut’s. Now that one battle has been won, will some supporters move over to the Ayer Cut train I wonder?

Another detail to keep in mind is there were a few scrapped connections between Suicide Squad and Justice League - specifically Enchantress’ world-ending plans including the use of the same Apokolips technology Steppenwolf uses in Justice League.

However, there is a significant roadblock David Ayer and a movement behind him would have for Suicide Squad. James Gunn has already been hired and shot a new Suicide Squad movie that looks to be the mix between a sequel and fresh take for the property. The movie is currently on schedule for a summer 2021 release date, according to the Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker.

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