Netflix’s Outer Banks Star Says He Nearly Nabbed Han Solo Role, Was ‘Pretty Deep’ In The Process

Chase Stokes as John B on Outer Banks (2020)

Solo: A Star Wars Story may not have left the biggest impression on the storied franchise, but it did earn a small, devoted fanbase that not only loved it but has also been clamoring for a sequel. One of the things many seemed to be relatively positive on was Alden Ehrenreich’s performance as the lovable smuggler. Of course, he was one of the many actors in contention for the role and, now, we’ve learned that one of the stars of Netflix’s Outer Banks was also in the running for the part.

Chase Stokes, who plays John B on Outer Banks, has revealed that he could’ve landed the role of Han Solo. According to the actor, he made it pretty far into the process before Lucasfilm opted to cast Alden Ehrenreich:

I have one good one. I don’t know if I’ve told you guys this, but when they did the Han Solo reboot I got pretty deep in the casting to play Han Solo. I think I read five times for that. And then they casted a 35-year-old guy, soo…

It’s worth mentioning that Alden Ehrenreich wasn’t quite that old when he was tapped for the part. The actor is currently 30 years old, meaning he was only 28 when the film was released and even younger when he tested for the role.

One can understand why the 27-year-old Chase Stokes, who revealed the news during a video chat with his castmates on a BuzzFeed YouTube channel, would’ve been in contention for the role. He definitely looks the part, and through Outer Banks, he has proven to have a level of charisma.

However, Stokes didn’t have too many acting credits under his belt when he was first auditioning for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Ehrenreich, on the other hand, had already appeared in TV shows like Supernatural and CSI and films like Blue Jasmine and Hail, Caesar!. Taking this into consideration, the studio probably wanted someone with a bit more experience and a face that was a bit more familiar to audiences.

Regardless of how the decision was made, it would seem that things turned out well for Chase Stokes, as he’s now leading the cast of a Netflix series. By not getting cast in Solo, he also dodged the production problems that plagued the film during its shoot. The film did find its footing, but the road to get there did seem uncertain at times.

It’s interesting to think about what Chase Stokes would’ve done in the role, as he and Alden Ehrenreich seem to have different styles of acting. But admittedly, this may only feel this way due to the fact that they’ve done different kinds of projects. Nevertheless, it seems Ehrenreich simply embodied Han Solo just a bit more.

If you haven’t seen Solo: A Star Wars Story, you can stream it on Disney+.

Erik Swann
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