New Tron Rumor Offers Hope For A New Sequel

Tron: legacy

The Tron franchise has proven to be incredibly resilient, despite the fact that it's difficult to call it anything more than a cult classic. The first film was a financial disappointment to the point that it was decades before we saw the sequel Tron: Legacy, and while that film was a reasonable success, it wasn't enough of a hit to get a sequel of its own, at least so far. And yet, it seems like there may be a chance that we could still see a new Tron movie that follows up on the events of Legacy after all, and maybe sooner than later.

While plans for a sequel to Tron: Legacy were shelved following the disappointing performance of another live-action Disney movie, Tomorrowland, there were reports that Disney was considering another Tron franchise film that would star Jared Leto, the catch was that this movie was said to be some sort of spinoff or reboot that wouldn't directly continue the story of Legacy but would be something separate. However, now things have changed a bit.

The Disinsider is reporting that the Jared Leto-led Tron movie is still in development, and is currently looking for a director. But there's a new catch because, according to the report, this movie would be a sequel, at least of sorts, that could see the cast of Legacy returning.

It's unclear if the idea is that this new movie would actually be Tron: Ascension, the name the third Tron movie was supposed to have, or some new Tron 3 idea. And the movie could still be something of a reboot/spinoff rather than being a direct sequel, where the Tron: Legacy characters are just there to give continuity to something that will ultimately be a separate story. But initially, there was zero indication this movie was going to be connected to previous films at all beyond taking place in the same universe, and fans who are waiting for Tron 3 will likely take what they can get.

This is all pretty nebulous at this point, so there's nothing that can be confirmed, but if the project is on the hunt for a director, then we could see an official announcement of the movie once one is signed for the project. Jared Leto has always seemed excited by the idea of this movie, so it seems likely that even after all these years of limbo he's still very much on board.

However you look at it, this is great news for fans of Tron. While it has largely looked like Tron 3 was just not going to happen, no matter how many people wanted to see it, if this is true then a new film of some sort is looking like a very real possibility, And if it does see characters from Legacy return as well as give us new characters and stories to follow, then it the movie could end up being the best of all worlds.

Dirk Libbey
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