Disney World Fans Have Some Blunt Thoughts About The Cinderella's Castle Makeover

Cinderella's Castle at Sleeping Beauty

Today Walt Disney World is open for Annual Passholders ahead of its grand reopening to the general public on Saturday. This means it's the first chance that many guests will have to see the newly renovated Cinderella Castle up close. The announcement came in February that the castle would get a new look and while the park closure had an impact on much of the resort's construction plans, the castle was able to be finished in time for reopening.

The first pictures of the newly completed castle went live earlier this week, and as per usual, fans have some serious opinions. The new castle look is a combination of pink or rose gold on the upper portion and a more traditional stone look at the base. It's a very striking combination to be sure, though some feel the difference is so distinct that it doesn't work together.

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I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say it looks unfinished, but certainly, the different elements are quite striking together and, for some, it might be so striking that it looks like pieces of different castles got put together. In fact, some of the other criticism of the castle comes from along those lines. Maybe the castle looks a little less "real" than it once did.

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Most of the critical comments are at least somewhat tongue in cheek. That's not to say people don't take real issue with the new look, but they're also having some fun at the expense of the design. However, there are others who seem to have some very strong feelings about the new castle and they really don't like it.

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The decision to redesign Cinderella Castle was not all that shocking. The cosmetic look of the castle now matches the visual look of the other castles at the Disney Parks around the world. Each castle is certainly unique, but now they also have common design elements running through them.

And while there may be those that don't love the new look, there are also those that think it looks amazing.

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The castle is the focal point and the symbol of each Disney Park. It's the gateway to Fantasyland and as such making the castle look like something out of fantasy is the point. It's not supposed to look real. It's supposed to wow people and feel like it belongs in another world. And for some, it certainly does that.

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