Ryan Reynolds’ Time Travel Movie Is Heading To Streaming

Free Guy Ryan Reynolds putting a pair of glasses on

Though actor Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy still have to wait to see their latest film hit theaters, that hasn’t stopped the current teammates from working on yet another movie. The pair behind this December’s 20th Century Studios video game flavored comedy Free Guy have already found themselves a brand new project to champion, and it’s about time. The movie’s literally about time travel, and what’s more impressive is it already has a streaming home, as Our Name Is Adam is headed straight to Netflix.

As reported by Deadline, the sci-fi film formerly known as Our Name Is Adam has changed hands from its previous studio home of Paramount into the movie making mitts of the streaming service supreme. Originally set to star Tom Cruise, the film was supposed to be about an incident of time travel that would see two versions of Adam teaming up for some unknown reason. Skydance Productions, as well as producers David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Don Granger are still on board for the still untitled film that writer Jonathan Tropper is in the midst of rewriting.

This new film’s DNA has repeated success written all over it, as not only is Ryan Reynolds reteaming with Shawn Levy as his director, but he’s also going back to Netflix for his third original film on the platform. This move comes after he signed on to star with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot in the action caper Red Notice, which is currently on a production hiatus imposed by current world events.

Skydance Productions is finding itself in some familiar territory as well, as the studio previously helped Ryan Reynolds score a nice Netflix hit with the Michael Bay directed film Six Underground. More recently though, Skydance saw Charlize Theron kicking all sorts of record breaking ass on that same platform, as they also had a hand in making The Old Guard a new subject of hot topic discussion.

Put it all together, and the package behind this untitled time travel project’s recent evolution is something that’s going to be of great interest to a lot of movie fans. With another Ryan Reynolds/Shawn Levy production in the works, ready to shoot straight to Netflix at a moment’s notice, all that needs to happen is for the right paperwork being filed, and movie production starting up for Red Notice to be completed and for this new untitled movie to begin in due time!

If you want to see Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy’s current round of madness, you’ll have to wait until Free Guy opens in theaters, presumably in the film’s current release slot of December 11th. Should that, or any other details on this new project, happen to change, you can be sure that CinemaBlend will report that news as it breaks.

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