Netflix’s Project Power Clip Makes Joseph Gordon-Levitt Bulletproof And It’s Awesome

Project Power Joseph Gordon-Levitt being shot in the bulletproof face

After watching the trailer for Netflix’s superhero adventure Project Power, the concept of a pill giving you an unknown superpower looked pretty damned sweet. Now, with a new clip released from this streaming summer blockbuster, we know two new pieces of information, the first being that it looks like the specific power given to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character Frank is bulletproof strength. However, the second fact, as you’ll see in the actual footage below, is that with great power comes an awesome beatdown if you’re on the wrong end of said powers. Take a look for yourself:

This clip released by Netflix isn’t shown in the context of what this moment from Project Power truly represents. But from the looks of things, Levitt’s Frank hasn’t exactly let his partners on the police force know about his usage of the pills the film centers its narrative around.

Chasing an invisible Power user through a school and into an alleyway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes a point blank round to the face and, for a moment, it looks like he's done for. But just as quickly, that bullet crumples against his skin and, after a quick power nap, Frank is up and beating this slightly invisible person to a pulp.

Alongside Jamie Foxx’s ex-soldier Art and Dominique Fishback’s pusher-turned-hero Robin, Project Power sees Joseph Gordon-Levitt completing the trinity of heroes we’ll be watching at work in the latest movie from Catfish directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. So one can only hope that in the coming weeks counting down to the mid-August release date of the film, we’ll get to see some clips from Foxx and Fishback’s end of things. Such looks seem extremely promising, after seeing this brief look at the R-rated hero tale headed our way.

It’s a small piece of the action but, after watching that clip a couple times, the audience probably wants more. And you can’t blame them, as that fight between powered individuals is enough of a pump up to make a person want to watch the trailer to Project Power again as well.

Should you be in that sort of mood, we’ve got you covered, as we’re going to provide that trailer for easy access below. And if you haven’t seen the trailer but dig what you’ve seen in the clip, then you definitely owe it to yourself to get on board:

In a summer where Marvel and DC projects have been sadly (but wisely) absent from the playing field, it’s nice to know that Netflix had Project Power waiting and ready for some comic style antics. You’ll be able to see these feats of strength and heroism in the very near future, as this movie will smash into the Netflix streaming library on August 14th.

Mike Reyes
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