Holy Moley, It Looks Like We're Finally Close To Getting A Dune Trailer

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Through all the chaos surrounding film releases, there has been one constant. While nearly every other major film release has seen a delay, and every minor film release has been moved directly to Premium VOD or streaming services, there has been Dune. The movie is set to release this December and while every movie around it has been delayed or otherwise moved, every indication has been that Dune is still expected to release on time at the end of the year, and if that's the case, we should be getting a trailer any day now, and it seems that we will.

In response to a fan asking for good news about Dune, actor Timothee Chalamet, who will play the lead role of Paul Atreides in the new film revealed that we should have a trailer before the month is out.

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While we don't know exactly when we'll get our first look at actual footage of Dune, it seems that it will come sometime in the next three weeks, as Timothee Chalmet says that before we get to September we'll see the first trailer for Dune. While not getting the first trailer for a film until about three months before it comes out is certainly unusual, we'd be expecting Trailer number two around now, this has been far from a usual situation. In fact, one wonders just how much of Dune we'll see in the new trailer considering that the movie hasn't entirely finished filming yet.

Director Denis Villeneuve has revealed that, while principal photography on Dune is complete, he was hoping to get out to do some reshoots to finish up the film in a few weeks. He was certainly hoping to get that work done earlier, but the pandemic stopped those plans in their tracks. It's possible that while we're all watching the Dune trailer for the first time the director will be out doing some additional filming. That doesn't necessarily mean that the final version of Dune will be all that different from whatever we see in the trailer, but we certainly could see some significant differences once the movie is actually complete. The director expects to be working right up until the release date to finish the film since the pandemic delayed his work, but not the film's release.

It's quite exciting to hear that the first Dune trailer is really on the way. While we've seen the world of Dune made visual before, considering Denis Villeneuve's history, there's an expectation that this movie is going to be quite stunning. While we've seen still images of the movie already, they don't really go far enough to give us a real feeling of what this movie is going to look like.

The new Dune will actually only cover the first half of Frank Herbert's novel. There are plans to follow up this movie with a second one to complete the story.

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