Come Play Trailer: New Horror Movie Mixes Monsters And Technology To Scary Results

Come Away Gillian Jacobs protecting Azhy Robertson

We can all use a friend, especially in times when things look pretty bleak and scary. But what if the reason things are in feeling so grim is because of that very thing that wants to be our buddy? Come Play is the latest horror film to explore that sort of scenario, as it mixes monsters and technology to some rather scary results. But don’t take our word for it, as you can grab your first glance at the movie yourself below:

As you saw above, Come Play tells the story of young Oliver (Azhy Robertson,) a boy with non-verbal autism who feels lonely in the world. Eager for a friend, his wishes are soon answered when a mysterious presence starts to talk to him through electronics. However, it isn’t long before Oliver and his parents (Gillian Jacobs & John Gallagher, Jr.) start to realize that this “friend,” named Larry, is something much more sinister than they’d ever imagined.

Larry, if that is in fact this creature’s real name, looks pretty spooky in this first look at Come Play. While we naturally don’t get to linger on what he/it looks like for too long, there’s just enough of a look to teas the audience into wondering what Larry will look like on the big screen. And make no mistake, the powers that be are looking to get this tale of technology gone bad onto the big screen, with the perfect release date in mind.

In a year that’s seen the much anticipated sequel Halloween Kills pushed back a year, those who are looking to get spooky in theaters this Halloween are probably excited to see a movie like Come Play dropping as a seasonal treat. Originally planned to debut this past July, this particular film had its own run in with scheduling delays; but looks to be ready to give the people what they want sure enough.

What’s also interesting about Come Play is the fact that it’s another horror film born from an impressive short film. Much like how director David F. Sandberg’s horror hit Lights Out stemmed from a mini-movie of the same name, writer/director Jacob Chase actually developed the idea for the film from a short he’d released in 2017. Aptly titled Larry, it looks like the scene we see of John Gallagher Jr’s character working as a parking lot attendant is what kicked all of this off, and you can see the results of that specific run-in here:

There may be clues in Larry that signal just how Come Play will tell its story. From the looks of both the short, and the trailer, it looks like this would-be horror hit just might have long, scary legs on it. We’ll get to see what happens for ourselves when the movie starts looking for new friends to play with, in theaters, on October 30th.

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