Looks Like Bruce Willis Is Somehow Bringing Die Hard Back And Fans Have Hysterical Guesses

Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard

Once upon a time, the Die Hard franchise was Bruce Willis’ crowning achievement. Of course, the action superstar would detour into memorable character work like Pulp Fiction and The Sixth Sense. But he always had his signature franchise to return to, and fans loved seeing the evolution of John McClane, the tough-as-nails cop who always seemed to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

Something is happening, now, that signifies the possible return of John McClane in what appears to be an ad. Rumer Willis, Bruce’s daughter, shared this short clip on social media with the hashtag #DieHardIsBack. Check it:

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The caption reads, “As one story ends, a new one begins,” and it has Bruce Willis walking down what looks like a street, whistling “Ode to Joy,” the signature Die Hard tune. He eventually turns to face what looks like a handful of menacing figures on this shadowy street, and he starts to take his jacket off as the clip ends.

What could this be? In case you doubt its legitimacy, or its connection to the Die Hard franchise, a second Tweet got shared by Die Hard co-star De'voreaux White, who explained:

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Naturally, this led to some hysterical guesses from Die Hard fans who have been burned by the franchise before, and can’t overlook how often Bruce Willis phones in roles for the paycheck these days. Seriously, Willis can’t comprehend the sheer amount of damage that was done by the hackneyed and embarrassing A Good Day to Die Hard, set in Russia and co-starring Jai Courtney. Woof. So, knowing this likely is an ad campaign, viewers started guessing:

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Ah man, there IS a “die hard” car battery, isn’t there? Dammit, that suddenly seems very likely. As does this guy, who assumes Willis is mailing it in for a food delivery service:

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And some fans were concerned about Bruce Willis’ older age:

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When in fact, we’re all just like the Lonely Island guys, begging for a Bruce Willis cameo on Brooklyn 99, a show that has gotten miles out of its adoration for Willis, and John McClane, specifically.

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So, what will this really be? We won’t have to wait that long to find out. The video clip has the date 10-18-2020 at the end of it, and that’s today! As soon as the clip drops, we’ll update you on the latest chapter in the saga of grizzled police officer John McClane, to see who is trying to kill him now.

Do you guys think we’ll ever actually GET a sixth Die Hard movie? There was a lot of conversation around a screenplay that Willis reportedly liked, which would have had the current-day character in the middle of a case, but one that needed flashbacks to McClane’s earliest days on the NY police force, almost a Die Hard: Year One story. The project got buried in the Disney-Fox merger, and I’m confident it will stay there. Maybe today will give us an indication of the franchise’s future.

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