Scott Pilgrim’s Brie Larson Learned Epic Choreography For Her Signature Song, Check It Out

Brie Larson today is mostly known as Captain Marvel, but before she was a global blockbuster superstar, she had a memorable role in a memorable movie, Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Larson played the role of Envy Adams, the ex-girlfriend of lead character Scott Pilgrim, who has gone on to fame and fortune as the lead singer of the band Clash at Demonhead. The movie showed off Larson's ability to sing, and now the actress is using the same song from the film to show off her dance moves.

Brie Larson posted a video to social media showing off some work she's been doing with legendary choreographer Galen Hooks, all to the song "Black Sheep" from the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World soundtrack, and it's pretty awesome check it out below.

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It's clear from this brief clip that Brie Larson had a blast learning these dance moves. While she starts off looking stone faced and focused, by the end of it all she can't even contain her excitement. It makes it all that much more fun to watch. Larson had been teasing something new with the "Black Sheep" song for some time and now that we have it, a lot of fans are likely very excited as well.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is one of those movies that has certainly been memorable for a lot of people, though it's also somewhat divisive. It's either brilliant or ridiculous depending on your point of view. I'm certainly of the camp that thinks that every Edgar Wright movie is brilliant, including this one. And Brie Larson stole the movie for her brief scene. Envy Adams is so unlike most other characters Larson has since played that she's still mostly unrecognizable in the performance. Although, that might just be the hair.

But one element of the film that works really well is the music and so being reminded of that, during the film's 10th anniversary year, is quite welcome. If you haven't listened to the film's soundtrack in a long time, perhaps this is the reminder that you need to give it a fresh listen. Either that, or just watch the whole movie.

Brie Larson seems to be handling the pandemic better than most of us. She's been doing a lot more on social media, including starting her own YouTube channel, where you can currently watch a video of her learning the dance routine you see here. Most of us probably aren't learning to dance right now, though it's true Brie Larson has access to some better teachers than what the rest of us would get a chance to see.

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