Walt Disney World Guest And Pretty Ricky Singer's Covid Joke Ended In A Cast Member Concussion And An Arrest

Walt Disney World is supposed to be the most magical place on earth. It's a place where children of all ages can play together. Unfortunately, often times real life can get in the way and turn the magic of Disney into something much more real. Such is the case when a global pandemic forces everybody to act differently while inside the park. Such is also the case when you get punched in the face, as apparently happened to a Walt Disney World cast member when he was allegedly socked in the jaw by Spectacular Blue Smith of the Miami based hip-hop group Pretty Ricky.

The altercation allegedly took place yesterday at Disney's Animal Kingdom. According to a police report viewed by People, the whole thing began as Blue Smith walked past a cast member while in line for an attraction. According to reports, Smith pretended to sneeze while saying "coronavirus." The cast member told Smith his joke wasn't funny, and Smith objected saying "I thought it was." At this point the cast member apparently asked Smith to get out of line, and when Smith refused the cast member blocked him from progressing in the line.

It was here, where Blue Smith allegedly struck the cast member. The employee told police that a pair of blows, one to the jaw and another to the temple, knocked him off balance and he fell to the ground. The cast member was transported to a hospital where he was given a CT scan and diagnosed with a concussion. Blue Smith was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor battery. Bail was set at $500.

While it's not specifically stated in the original story, assuming that any of this story is factually accurate, then Blue Smith may have just made his last trip to Walt Disney World. There's a lot you might be abler to get away with while hanging around the theme parks, but punching a cast member is on the absolute no-no list. People have been banned for the park for doing the same. They have been banned for doing a lot less honestly.

The cast member's response to the covid joke is likely exactly what Walt Disney World wants to see. The global pandemic is a serious issue and even those willing to go to places like theme parks are likely concerned about it. Having somebody pretend to be sick in line could cause just the sort of panic that Disney wants to avoid. And thus far Walt Disney World has done well avoiding any serious health issues as far as we're aware.

Even though this is a misdemeanor case we likely have not heard the end of it. And even if nothing significant comes of it criminally, it doesn't mean Disney won't trespass Spectacular Blue anyway.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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