Famous Comics Artist Jim Lee Finally Draws His Take On Robert Pattinson's The Batman

Famous comics artist and DC Comics exec Jim Lee has drawn the character of Batman more than a few times in his tenure at the famous company. So to have another piece of art depicting the Caped Crusader courtesy of Lee's steady artistic hand is always a treat. Yet it's another thing when a famous comics name ties in with some artwork from a movie that is currently in production. In fact, Lee's latest artwork depicts The Batman star Robert Pattinson in full Dark Knight effect. You can see those results, included below; but brace yourself, as it's pretty awesome.

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Wow. As DC Comics Chief Creative Officer, you could imagine that Lee has a ton of stuff that needs his attention, even in the pandemic era that’s seen The Batman delayed. Especially when HBO Max’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League looms in the distance. But as many can attest to, work can only distract a person so much from the world outside. Jim Lee, and his Instagram account, is as over the year as the rest of us, and it feels like this drawing is his offering of a watchful protector, a dark knight, to see us through the final push.

As you can see, the likeness of Robert Pattinson is captured in absolutely stunning detail. A rainy night in Gotham shows us Bruce Wayne’s heroic alter ego glaring his vengeful stare towards the audience. It’s gorgeous work, as one would expect from a Jim Lee original, and it could possibly help everyone deal with the slightly extended road to The Batman’s release.

While the movie looks to be putting the finishing touches on filming, director Matt Reeves’ “Year Two” story of Master Wayne’s journey to become an ace crime fighter isn’t scheduled to be in theaters until March 2022. So the faster that 2020 can end, the quicker the world can get on with the business of 2021. In a year that feels like it’s gone on forever, the passage of time looks like the only obstacle between us and The Batman; and that still feels like too much.

As we wait, there’s no telling what other exciting treats could be in store. Another round of Comic Cons, as well as the potential for another DC Fandome event (please?) in 2021 seem primed to deliver the world further intriguing looks at The Batman. Remember, the teaser we saw this earlier year was only from a 25% completed film; therefore, who knows what our next look could contain? In the meantime, we’ll just go back to gazing upon this Jim Lee artwork, hoping that some sort of print is in the works. Something like this on the wall would really tie the room together.

The Batman reintroduces us to The Dark Knight yet again on March 4, 2022. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to find what heroic adventures are headed to theaters in the interim, you can head to either the 2020 release schedule or our rundown on how 2021’s release schedule looks so far.

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