Ryan Reynolds Is All Over It After Fan Uses Aviation Gin To Make 'Green Lantern' Drink

If you ever need an easy subject to joke about in the world of movies, Ryan Reynolds’ time as DC’s Green Lantern always works in a pinch. Even the man himself understands this, as he continually pokes fun at his effort to become part of the DC film landscape. So when someone decided to name a cocktail after Hal Jordan’s heroic alter-ego, and used Reynolds’ Aviation Gin in the process, our favorite marketing nerd/comedic do-gooder was all over it on social media. The results are not only totally on brand, but they have us thirsty to try some form of this drink out for ourselves.

As with most Green Lantern jokes, social media was the playground where this particular “insult” was hurled. Thanks to a fan tweeting a photo of Aviation Gin and Mountain Dew being mixed together on Twitter, with Ryan Reynolds firmly tagged, the table was set to begin the mining of comedy gold. The chain of tweets that ensued afterwards not only gave this drink its now infamous name, it also gave Mr. Reynolds more opportunity to be his sharp self in the process. Here's how it all got started, through the simple act of creation:

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Jokes aside, mixing parts Aviation Gin and Mountain Dew in the right ratio would probably make a drink so tasty, it could wipe out the memories of director Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern film. Or, conversely, it could make the universally panned film more exciting to behold, as the good tidings of Aviation Gin could enhance even the most negative aspects of that particular film. Strangely enough, this exercise does have a practical purpose, as it helps fulfill Mountain Dew’s original purpose: to be paired with booze!

Technically, Mountain Dew was created to be preferably mixed with whiskey, so this cocktail does miss the mark in that respect. That being said, the purpose of mixing Mountain Dew with alcohol was an integral purpose that spurred its creation. This makes “The Green Lantern” all the more powerful, as this cocktail wins a little more prestige back for the 80-year-old soft drink. Maybe the days of the Dew being associated with obsessive gamers can start to come to an end now that such a drink is taking shape. And it's all thanks to the moment this new drink received it's proper name, which sent Ryan Reynolds into a subtle, but oh so funny tailspin:

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All that’s missing from this particular cocktail of Green Lantern comedy is a rejoinder of some sort from Ryan Reynolds’ “sworn enemy” Hugh Jackman. It would be especially impressive if a hypothetical response from the man who was once Wolverine included a modified recipe to include a coffee component, as the supposed pain of his nemesis would be even more delicious with a little bit of Laughing Man Coffee. As always, we’ll be keeping an eye out for any sort of movement in this ongoing feud, as well as any updates on Ryan Reynolds’ next film in theaters, Free Guy, which is slated for release on May 21, 2021.

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