After Losing Charity Feud To Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds Has Clapped Back Through Aviation Gin

It has been said that there are but three constants in the world, death, taxes, and Ryan Reynolds feud with Hugh Jackman. The pair have been going after each other for years, and while they have claimed on more than one occasion that the feud was ending, it has never truly stopped. Instead, if anything, it's only gotten stronger. Recently the duo actually used their powers for good by adapting their battle into a charity fundraiser. It was a great cause to be sure, but now that Hugh Jackman has been declared the winner, it would seem that Ryan Reynolds may be a little upset and so he's lashing out once again through Aviation Gin.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman recently completed a charity event where customers at Sam's Club could vote to support either Hugh Jackman's Laughing Man Foundation or Ryan Reynolds chosen charity the Sick Kids Foundation. Jackman's side was declared the winner, and it seems, despite the fact that both sides actually received significant donations, Reynolds may be a tad upset. His Aviation Gin brand recently posted a nice holiday cocktail recipe to Instagram, which quietly took a shot at Jackman's coffee company. Check it out.

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The recipe for the GINgerbread espresso martini looks pretty straight forward, and actually quite delicious, However, there is one important thing you'll want to be sure of, while you'd think that any sort of coffee would be fine to use to the cocktail, Aviation Gin would like to caution you against the use of Laughing Man Coffee.

This is far from the first time that Ryan Reynolds gin company and Hugh Jackman's coffee company have essentially acted as proxies for the two actors. They've each made sure the two companies are closely aligned with the personal brand that Jackman and Reynolds have created for themselves. While it's unlikely that Ryan Reynolds actually constructed the Instagram post slamming Laughing Man, you just can't be 100% sure that's not exactly what happened.

Clearly Ryan Reynolds is holding a bit of a grudge here, but honestly, would you expect anything less? If these two weren't trading insults or tossing passive aggressive snark back and forth, would the rest of us even know what to do with ourselves? If there was anything even remotely meanspirited in the whole thing it would be different, but these two are clearly good friends and they enjoy the fun, and finding new ways to prod each other, as much as the rest of us.

If we can't see these actors on the big screen or the Broadway stage anytime soon, then at least we can see them having fun in other ways. Hopefully this feud will never truly end. The only thing funnier than seeing these two go after each other is imagining what it will look like when they're a couple of senior citizens still flinging insults back and forth.

Dirk Libbey
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