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After Struggling In Court With Johnny Depp In 2020, Amber Heard Shares Her Advice For 2021

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have had a long court-filled year on top of the long, disease-filled year the rest of us faced in 2020. Following Johnny Depp’s libel court case in the U.K., he and Amber Heard will once more be returning to court in the U.S. for a second case, this one about defamation. Still, despite this, Heard seems to be looking forward to the New Year. The Aquaman 2 actress even shared her advice for 2021.

Amber Heard’s been out and about promoting the Stephen King series The Stand recently. During an interview with Access Hollywood, she was asked about her takeaway from 2020 while heading into the New Year. She noted, simply.

Adapt and survive. The better you are at making the changes internally, the better you have a chance of actually not just surviving but thriving.

Amber Heard has faced a lot this year while dealing with the various Johnny Depp court cases. (She is actually being sued as part of the defamation case, but was only a part of Depp’s libel case after she testified.) Though the libel lawsuit wasn't hers, there have been “Justice for Johnny” campaigns rolling online and at one point, a faction on the Internet created a petition asking that she be removed from the role of Mera in DC’s Aquaman 2.

Yet it sounds as if the actress is adapting to the circumstances she has found herself in following her high-profile split from Johnny Depp and the allegations of abuse she first insinuated, with stories later coming out in full, as both parties pinned allegations on one another. Accounts of what happened during their time together have become muddled as Depp accused Amber Heard of pooping in their marital bed, a move she says was the dogs. Heard has also said Depp famously injured his finger whilst being abusive to himself and he says she was responsible for the finger injury. And so it goes on.

Meanwhile, Amber Heard seems to be focusing on herself and her person as she looks to face the Virginia defamation case in 2021. That court case had been pushed back, first due to Covid-19 and then later as Heard and Depp seemingly had conflicting schedules, him with Fantastic Beasts 3 and her with Aquaman 2. Of course, now Depp has been replaced as Grindelwald in the Harry Potter universe spinoffs and Mads Mikkelsen has taken his place.

Amber Heard’s comments come just a few days after Johnny Depp took to social media to share his own takeaways from 2020. He mentioned the year being hard on everyone, but seemed cheerful for the year ahead. We’ll have to wait and see if that attitude holds up, as he and Heard may be facing another long year in the court system. He’s sued her for $50 million. She’s countersued for $100 million.

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