Pictures Of The Alleged Poop Amber Heard Took In Johnny Depp's Bed Have Emerged

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In the legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the proceeding have gotten pretty heated, revealing various stories that the public could never have imagined. And one of the most infamous tales to come out of this debacle is the one where Heard allegedly pooped the bed that she and Depp shared during their time together. Well, despite Amber Heard claiming that this particular stool sample was from a dog rather than herself, there’s now photos of the alleged fecal matter that you can now see for yourself. The obvious warnings apply to those of you who aren’t looking to see biological waste products against white sheets.

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Twitter saw these supposed photos of the supposed transgression sent out to the world, with the potential smear to Amber Heard’s reputation on full display. With the supposed list of culprits including friends of Heard’s, as well as her Yorkshire Terrier Boo, there is no definitive solution to this murky mystery. Though in his own recounting of events, Johnny Depp supposedly heard that their estate manager, Kevin Murphy, had heard a confession from Amber Heard, admitting guilt.

The supposed result of a fight between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, this is one of the many stories that have peppered the coverage of Depp’s libel suit against infamous tabloid The Sun and their parent company. Everyone from James Franco to several of Johnny Depp’s exes have been drawn into the ensuing drama, with no shortage of tales involving bodily functions, and bodily harm, to be told. All culminating in this photo of a poop, in someone’s bed, shortly after a gigantic argument.

It’s a circus, to be sure, and it cannot be stated enough that the stories being reported are all allegations from either side of the aisle. Whether the full truth behind Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s tempestuous relationship will ever be seen by the public at large is yet to be seen. But obviously, when it comes to discussing the various ins and outs of such things, it’s best to be extremely careful. It was a libel suit that started this whole mess, and either Heard or Depp could keep things going if they feel that they aren’t being properly represented in the court of public opinion.

If there are any updates about this sordid story of soiled sheets, we’ll report the latest here at CinemaBlend. But don’t be surprised if another accusation is lurking in the dark, waiting to see the light during these courtroom proceedings. Though, even in that hypothetical scenario, we’ve got a feeling that there’s no way this story is getting bumped to #2 at any point in the near future.

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