Vin Diesel 'Excited' For What's Coming In Fast And Furious 9 And 10 In Cool Post Featuring The Rock

The Fast and the Furious franchise has miraculously only become more popular as it has continued. What started off as a simple story about criminal street racers has become something else entirely, and it's gained millions of fans around the world in the process. Those fans are now waiting for the long-delayed F9, and with more future chapters on the way it's possible nobody is as excited as Vin Diesel.

Dominic Toretto himself posted a picture to Instagram recently to celebrate the Fast & Furious franchise by both reflecting on the past and looking forward to the future. Vin Diesel says he's excited for what is to come, but that it probably prevents him from looking back and where the franchise has been as much as he should. Interestingly, the image accompanying these thoughts includes Dwayne Johnson looking menacing in the background.

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The decision to include a picture with Dwayne Johnson in it is certainly an interesting choice, as Vin Diesel and The Rock had a fairly public feud while on the set of The Fate of the Furious. The heat was enough that the pair were never actually on set together during the production. Johnson went on to film his own Fast & Furious spinoff movie Hobbs & Shaw with Jason Statham, and as far as we know both Hobbs and Shaw will be missing from F9.

While Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson may have had their differences, it doesn't mean the two are going to completely forget the other exists. And they appeared in other Fast & Furious films together where, as far as we know, they got along fine. So this picture, along with the reference to reflecting on iconic moments, could just be Vin Diesel remembering an earlier point in the franchise fondly.

Of course, there's also another possibility. If one wanted to try and read something more into this post. The image of Dwayne Johnson, out of focus in the background, could be Vin Diesel referencing not a reflection on the past, but a look at "what's coming." Perhaps there are plans for Hobbs to return to the main Fast & Furious franchise, if not in F9, then perhaps in the tenth film, which we already know is on the way.

At this point that seems unlikely, but who really knows? Anything is possible when it comes to Fast & Furious. The characters might end up in outer space in the next movie, and if that happens, certainly The Rock could show up at least one more time. Characters that died in previous films have come back to life so it's not like reality is all that important here.

Perhaps we'll know more once we actually see F9, which, if there are no further delays, will happen May 28.

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