Disneyland Resort's Avengers Campus Looks Amazing Lit Up At Night

Avengers Campus concept art

It was mere days before Disneyland closed down in March of 2019 that the new land at Disney's California Adventure, Avengers Campus, was given a grand opening date in July of that year. Said opening obviously did not happen. Disneyland has remained closed ever since, and we have no idea when we'll even get back inside the parts of the theme parks we know. Never mind getting to finally experience the brand new attractions and everything else the new Marvel-themed land will have to offer. But when we do, it's all going to look amazing, as we can see what new land will look like at night. And it's beautiful.

Disneyland Resort was apparently doing some lighting tests for the new land last night, and since Disney California Adventure's Buena Vista street is open to guests for shopping and dining, those visiting can get pretty close to the brand new land. It's all still walled off but Discover the Magic was able to get some shots of the tallest structures all lit up. Check it out.

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I love theme parks at night and Disney California Adventure has some of the absolute best lighting design of any theme park. From the marquee at the Carthay Circle Restaurant to the neon signs of Cars Land, just walking around the park at night to see how different everything looks and feels can be pure joy. And it looks like Avengers Campus is only going to add to that feeling. The fact that this clip includes a fun version of the Avengers theme certainly doesn't hurt the mood.

We see the Spider logo that marks the location of the WEB building, the spot where the new Spider-Man themed attraction will be set. Tom Holland will reprise his MCU role as Peter Parker in an ride that appears to be a next generation version of Toy Story Midway mania, where guests will be able to shoot webs at rampaging spider bots.

Beyond that we know Avengers Campus will include a Doctor Strange themed attraction, though little is known about it right now. We'll also get a quick service microbrewery location themed after Ant-Man, which seems like the perfect place to grab a seat on a night like this with the lights surrounding you. An Avengers E-ticket attraction that put guests inside a Quinjet is also under construction, but it will open later as part of the new land's Phase 2.

When we'll actually be able to walk Avengers Campus is anybody's guess. Clearly, construction on the new land has been continuing while the theme park has been closed. If Avengers Campus was going to open three months later when the park shut down, it almost certainly could open even sooner once the parks are able to reopen. Disneyland Resort has Avengers Campus opening on the 2021 schedule, we'll likely get a grand opening date once the parks themselves are given the green light from the state.

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