Disneyland Resort's New Avengers Campus Is Really Coming Along, Check Out Massive New Prop

Avengers Campus Concept Art

The future of Disneyland Resort is still a big question mark because we have no indication of when exactly the state of California will let it open for business. However, one part of the resort is back at work as construction is continuing on Avengers Campus, the new land being added to Disney California Adventure. While we're no more sure when the new land will be ready, it did just add a massive new prop to the land in the form of an Avengers QuinJet and now you can get what will likely be the closest possible look you'll ever get at the new feature.

Disney Parks, Experiences, and Consumer Products Chairman Josh D'Amaro shared a couple of images to Instagram of him inside the new Avengers Campus. The first shows him standing by the new QuinJet display, showing off the size of the thing. We also see him with Disneyland Resort President Kevin Potrock, and Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige, with the jet in the background which shows some work that needs to still be done.

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The QunJet is now in place but the rest of the work surrounding it won't necessarily be finished soon. The building the QuinJet is sitting on is part of an E-ticket attraction that has always been planned to be part of Avengers Campus' Phase 2. It won't be open when the new land opens, and especially after the unscheduled closure, we have no idea when it will actually be ready.

Avengers Campus was set to open on the day after the 65th anniversary of the opening of Disneyland back in March, only a few days before the park would close due to the pandemic. It then briefly appeared that Disneyland itself might reopen for the same anniversary, but then California pulled back on its reopening plans and no obvious movement has been made toward reopening since.

Construction stopped on Avengers Campus when the theme parks closed but that part has at least begun to move forward again. It's barely possible that the new land will be able to open alongside the parks themselves depending on how fast construction can move and how soon the parks are given the green light. Though it's also possible that Disneyland Resort will decide to wait until it can bring in larger crowds before it opens an entirely new land. I wouldn't expect to get much of an update until we have a new, firm date for Disneyland's reopening.

In a separate post, Walt Disney Imagineering showed off some different images of the QuniJet, as well as the logo for the main attraction that will be open when Avengers Campus opens up, WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure.

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Everything about Avengers Campus looks amazing and I certainly can't wait to check it out. Of course, at this point, I would give anything just to be able to walk inside Disney California Adventure again. Hopefully, we'll have that chance soon, and Avengers Campus won't be too far behind.

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