When Disneyland's Avengers Campus Is Finally Opening

Avengers Campus concept art

It hasn't even been a year since Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opened at Disneyland resort, but the theme park resort is getting ready for another major new addition when Avengers Campus opens at Disney California Adventure. We knew the new land was going to open this year, but you can't exactly schedule a vacation based on information that vague, however, you can now start booking you hotel rooms, because we now know Avengers Campus will debut on July 18.

The new theme park land will finally give Marvel characters a home. They've been hanging around various place in the Disneyland Resort in the last few years while Disney tried to find the best way to use the popular characters. The new land will open with two attractions, a Spider-Man themed ride that will have guests using their own web-shooters, and a Doctor Strange show. A major E-ticket attraction that will put guests inside an Avengers jet will be part of a second phase that has no opening date as of yet.

The opening date puts the new land right in the middle of the summer vacation season. One has to wonder if the opening date might have a negative impact on early summer attendance. When Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opened in May we largely did not see the massive crowds we were expecting and there was a belief that many were holding off on making trips until Rise of the Resistance was open. When Rise of the Resistance did open, guests showed up, seeming to bear that out. By the same token, some guests might put off trips until they can see the newest addition.

Still, it's nice to get an actual date for the opening of Avengers Campus. There's a lot of exciting new stuff on the way. In addition to the main attractions, there will be a new generation of audio animatronics, being called stunttronics, that will include a Spider-Man character that we've seen demonstrations of that will apparently, be able to swing across the skies of Avengers Campus. Recent job postings by Disney have also confirmed that live actors will be playing several marvel heroes as well, in what looks to be a live stunt show that will happen all over the new land.

Following the opening of Galaxy's Edge the bar has been raised when it comes to Disney theme parks. Considering the incredibly in-depth theming of Galaxy's Edge that borders on role playing, it doesn't feel like Avengers Campus is looking to be quite as deep, but for Marvel fans that want to experience living in a world inhabited by superheroes, it feels like everything will feel just right.

So if you want to be the first to experience Avengers Campus, it's time to start planning your trip for July 18.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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