Godzilla Vs. Kong Director Reacts To The Trailer’s Viral Success

The trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong is already a viral success, with the first look at director Adam Wingard’s MonsterVerse entry breaking all sorts of records for Warner Bros.. Clearly this clash of Titans could be a smash hit, and the fortunes for the film are looking pretty rosey ahead of its debut at the end of March. A recent video shared by Wingard himself shows just how hyped this rumble reel has got the folks at home, with the director taking time to issue a heartfelt thanks to those who have made the journey so far, so sweet.

Shared through Adam Wingard’s Instagram feed, a collection of fan reactions to the Godzilla vs. Kong trailer were pulled and sampled in a montage that shows the pure joy that has arisen from the footage. Even if you’re not a fan of reaction videos on the internet, it’s hard not to join in on the excited feelings that the YouTubers featured in this clip show are legitimately expressing over those insane moments we saw last week. Check out the footage, and prepare to smile… while also remembering to click the arrow for part 2:

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That’s not the all of the love that Godzilla vs. Kong’s director has given to the fans. In fact, there’s a full seven minutes of reactions that Adam Wingard has shared, edited by his own hand. Reading him talk about how making a film including Godzilla and King Kong “takes years off of your life,” it makes his efforts even more astounding. Much like the folks who lost their minds over Titans socking each other in the face and fighting in various colorful settings, Wingard has really poured his heart out in tribute to these larger than life colossuses of crash.

Honestly, the video amps up the sort of fight night atmosphere that the Godzilla vs. Kong fandom is pouring into their anticipation for the delayed blockbuster. While the film was originally set to be released in theaters November 2020, obvious world events pushed the film into 2021’s calendar year. That delay also came with the promising news that, after some corporate wrangling and tense negotiations, saw Godzilla vs. Kong becoming another Warner Bros. movie to become a part of the simultaneous streaming release model the company is engaging in throughout this year. So whether you’re feeling ready to head back to the movies, or if you would rather stay home and watch the fight from your couch, HBO Max will continue the tradition of the premium cable giant bringing the fights to you.

After all of this talk, you might still be interested in seeing that full seven-minute reel of folks fanning out over Godzilla vs. Kong. I can't blame you, because the people being showcased are really excited, and the positivity of shared enthusiasm is something we could all use right now. Provided below is the YouTube video that Adam Wingard mentioned on his social media posting, so clear your calendar for seven minutes of gleeful carnage:

March 31st will see Godzilla vs. Kong fighting it out on the fight card of the year, which leaves almost two months for fans to watch the trailer, and fan reactions, to hype themselves up. It’s enough to have people wondering what sort of reaction videos will come out of the film itself, as there's plenty of potential joys hidden within that ver film. Also, there's plenty of time for Adam Wingard to contemplate his next potential feature film: a highlight reel of those reactions to the finished product.

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