No Big Deal, Just Tom Cruise Running In Moody Fog To Get Us Hyped For Mission: Impossible 7

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible

When Tom Cruise makes a Mission: Impossible movie you can be certain that the actor will be willing to put his body on the line in a series of more insane practical stunts. However, not everything Tom Cruise does involves hanging from helicopters or performing HALO jumps. Tom Cruise is also known for the fact that in all of his movies, not only in Mission: Impossible, the actor does a lot of running. Fans need not worry, as Mission: Impossible 7 director Christopher McQuarrie has confirmed that the new film will add a segment to the Tom Cruise running supercut, with a picture of the actor in motion, moving somewhat ominously through the fog.

The picture that Christopher McQuarrie has shared to Instagram is entirely in shadow and fog, so we don't really see much. But Tom Cruise's silhouette is unmistakable. He's running toward the camera but exactly where he is and what he's running from, or toward, is something we can't really distinguish. Hopefully he didn't hurt himself this time.

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Mission: Impossible 7 was one of the first major films to shut down production due to the pandemic when it had to shutter a location shoot in Italy just as the coronavirus was hitting the country hard. The film returned to production before the end of the year, under brand new health and safety conditions, and while some other tentpole films have been forced to shutdown again due to either positive coronavirus tests or scares of the same Mission: Impossible 7 has seemingly made it through so far without issue. Perhaps because Tom Cruise takes the issue very seriously.

However, the franchise's desire to film in exotic locations has made things a bit more complicated to film in the current era. The movie was filming in London around the holidays before moving to the UAE where filming is now taking place. Because of coronavirus issues in the UK, there were apparently some issues getting cast and crew between the two nations. When filming was taking place in Norway, Tom Cruise reportedly rented a cruise ship in order to make sure cast and crew could stay in a bubble during filming.

Once filming on Mission: Impossible 7 is concluded it will start on Mission: Impossible 8. The two films were originally announced at the same time and will be filmed back to back, with the first film set to open this November, and the follow-up currently set to open in November of 2022. Originally the films were given summer releases, but needed to be delayed during the still ongoing release calendar shuffle.

Hopefully by this fall things will be back to something close to normal and Mission: Impossible fans will be able to experience the movie on the big screen, which is clearly where projects like this belong. We know we're going to see more insane stunts and Tom Cruise running around and it will all almost certainly be excellent

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