It's Official: There's A Grosser Pickle Delicacy Out There Than Disneyland’s Peanut Butter Monstrosity

Disneyland's pickle corn dog

Disney parks are known for their creativity. Usually it's about experiencing some remarkable attraction from Walt Disney Imagineering that makes you feel like you're truly inside the world of your favorite movie. However, another area where Disneyland and Walt Disney World get really creative is when it comes to food. However, sometimes that creativity can really go overboard, as it may have done recently when Disneyland revealed the pickle corn dog, a food item which is exactly what it sounds like, a corn dog wrapped in a pickle.

The new food item, which could be found at the Touch of Disney food event at Disney California Adventure, and will still be available when the theme park reopens next week. consists of a hot dog, wrapped in a pickle, deep fried like a corndog, and then sprinkled with panko breadcrumbs. The item is then served with a side peanut butter for dipping. A lot of people, including our own Eric Eisenberg, thought the thing sounded terrible, but I think it can be beat. Because apparently pickles wrapped in cotton candy are a thing? Nobody tell Disney.

The Tipsy Bartender on Facebook says he's seen Cotton Candy Pickles online, and I have to wonder where he's been online where he would see this. Is this a dark web thing? He takes premade cotton candy and wraps them around pickles like this is a thing that normal people do and I don't even understand it.

I don't mind pickles. I'll eat them on anything, though i don't usually consume entire pickles in one sitting. I like cotton candy. It's one of those things you can only find in places like theme parks so I frequently do just that when I have the chance. And yet, combining these two things together sounds terrible. Are there really people who eat this?

And I say this as somebody who doesn't actually completely hate the idea of the Disneyland pickle corn dog. I'll be in the park in June and plan on giving this thing a try just to see. The corn dog itself isn't that wild. I like pickle relish on hot dogs, so adding an actual pickle is really just the next logical step. And the panko probably just adds a textural element, a crunch, that would not be out of place. I will agree that the peanut butter side is questionable. Sweetness is not what that corn dog needs, and the side looks like pretty standard smooth peanut butter.

But in the same way that peanut butter would probably throw the salty sweet balance of the Disneyland corn dog all out of whack, mixing a pickle and cotton candy would do the same thing to an even more extreme degree. But maybe I'm the crazy one. What do you think? Which of these "delicacies" would you be more interested in trying? Let us know in the poll below.

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Dirk Libbey
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