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Disneyland Is Introducing A New Snack, And I May Vomit

Theme parks and food can be an odd mix. After all, it's never a good idea to have a massive lunch right before hopping on a ride that is going to spin you around and toss you up and down. Needless to say, they are not necessarily locations for those with literal weak stomachs – but looking at the new culinary invention that is being advertised by Disneyland, I'm thinking that visitors won't need the assistance of Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! to start vomiting.

New York Times Reporter Brooks Barnes has posted on his Twitter page about a new item hitting the Disneyland menu, and to say it looks unappetizing would be a severe understatement. Kind of like a mutant corndog, the snack consists of a dill pickle that has been stuffed with a hot dog before being breaded and deep fried, and it's served with a side of peanut butter. Check out the nasty-looking creation below... if you dare.

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I'm definitely not a food snob, and I consider myself a rather adventurous eater, but that just looks gross. The combination of pickle and hot dog make sense when you consider that relish is a common topping for the sandwich (yeah, I said it), but just thinking about the blend of textures here is just super unappealing. Just imagine your teeth first going through the crumbly bread, then through to a wet log of pickle, on down to the squishy meat of a hot dog, and I dare you to tell me that makes your mouth water.

Of course, the worst part of all is the side of peanut butter – but at least Disneyland has had the courtesy of not just cooking it directly into the snack. I'm not sure how anybody came up with the notion that peanut butter would be the perfect dip for this particular stick food, and I definitely don't want to know about what ideas ended up being rejected.

As far as gross-looking theme park food goes, Disney parks do have a history that makes this revelation a touch less surprising. Disney World has previously rolled out menu items like Pumpkin Chipotle Mac and Cheese with gummy worms, and candy designed to look like poop, but this fried pickle-hotdog with peanut butter is in a league of its own. You could always remove those gummy worms, and it's not like the candy actually tasted like poop. Meanwhile, this just looks like a combination of ingredients that should have been kept on opposite sides of the kitchen.

Unfortunately the Tweet about the new snack doesn't include any information about its availability – but I will throw this question to you: if you end up having the opportunity to try one of these things, will you give it a taste? Answer our poll below!

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