A Quiet Place: 5 Questions We Still Have About The Horror Monsters Ahead Of Part II

Emily Blunt and Millicent Simmonds in Quiet Place
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(Image credit: (Paramount))

This Memorial weekend, a welcome, but chilling hush will come over theaters as John Krasinski’s long-awaited horror sequel A Quiet Place Part II finally comes out. The movie will follow the 2018 hit that introduced the haunting monsters who have eliminated much of Earth’s population due to their ultra sensitivity to sound which they hunt and kill. Ahead of the return of the franchise, let’s talk through some of the questions I still have about the mysterious villains that have set off the apocalypse that the Abbotts will once again try to survive from.

SPOILERS are ahead for the first Quiet Place movie. I recommend you catch up with the movie before reading on. At the end of A Quiet Place, the Abbotts faced tragedy as Krasinski’s father character Lee sacrificed himself for his family and their daughter Regan (Millicent Simmonds) found a way to stop the monsters from attacking her mother (Emily Blunt), brother Marcus (Noah Jupe) and newly born younger sibling. In Part II, the Abbotts will need to leave their home and take shelter somewhere else. As we get ready for the events of the sequel, here are the biggest questions about the monsters:

Quiet Place monster end of the 2018 movie

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How Did The Quiet Place Monsters Get To Earth?

While it’s not made entirely clear in the movie, writer/director John Krasinski has shared that the monsters in the A Quiet Place movies are aliens who flee from their dying planet to Earth. According to the actor-turned-filmmaker, they are an “evolutionary perfect machine” who lived on a planet without any light and have made themselves bulletproof. So that explains why they might be so offended by the presence of sound and be undefeatable against our own defenses. But how the heck did they land here?

Krasinski has suggested that they might have traveled here on meteorites, which makes more sense than a spaceship because they don’t strike me as the smartest of creatures. It would be interesting to learn more about their origins and just how violently they arrived at our home.

Emily Blunt and Millicent Simmonds in quiet place disaster scene

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What Happened On The First Day Of Their Arrival?

Based on what we’ve seen in the movie’s first trailer, A Quiet Place Part II will be taking us back to early in the disaster, possibly at the very beginning of the monsters' arrival. I’m really curious how it all went down when the monsters first arrived on Earth. The world is so noisy, especially highways and sporting events and concerts. Did they actually seek out the places with the most sound and kill it all in its wake or was it a slower invasion that gradually took down the population?

Another detail to keep in mind is that in the first movie, there’s a memorable newspaper that shows up in the corners of the movie that announces that “It’s Sound!” This seems to indicate that the world was being absolutely obliterated for a while without people fully realizing why until people figured out the quiet helped them stay alive.

John Krasinski as Lee Abbott in A Quiet Place

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Can The A Quiet Place Monsters Hear Underground?

A Quiet Place didn’t seem to make it clear whether a host of people with underground bunkers (like doomsday preppers) were successful because it’s not been made known completely whether the monsters can hear underground too. And if they did, would they really dig underground too? Are people surviving in basements? Or have the monsters found their way into those crevices as well?

In other words, are there more ways for humans to adapt to this invasion and find shelter without being bothered? In the first movie, there’s a memorable scene where Lee and Marcus scream underneath a waterfall together because the body of water is too loud and will mask their voices. Could more people live under waterfalls?

Marcus, Regan and Lee Abbott in Quiet Place

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How Will Their Weakness Help The Abbotts In Part 2?

To be honest, I don’t need or want the answers to all these questions when I see A Quiet Place Part II. But, these are the kind of questions that float in my head when watching this franchise and especially as the movie has audiences stepping into another fight for survival through the Abbotts eyes. Of course fans want to see the family make it through their journey and see the world overcome its violent monsters. It will be interesting to see how the sequel handles the storyline moving forward. Will they reach another checkpoint and simply buy themselves more time, or will they try to take on these monsters head on?

In the first movie, Regan found a way to fend them off by adjusting her hearing aids. It set off a painful ringing that led the ones who were invading their house to back off. Will the Abbotts take this knowledge forward and find more ways to impair them or will it ultimately be an infeasible weakness overall?

We’ll see when A Quiet Place Part II hits theaters on Friday, May 28. The movie has John Krasinski as writer/director and star again, alongside Emily Blunt fronting the film with Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe and newcomers to the franchise Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou.

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