A Quiet Place Part II Drops Final Trailer As Emily Blunt And John Krasinski's Movie Paves Way For Theater Return

The marketing campaign for A Quiet Place: Part II has been teasing “it’s been quiet for far too long.” After over a year of delays saw writer/director John Krasinski and actor Emily Blunt’s big sequel shelved just as it was about to be released, fans of the 2018 surprise hit have been waiting to finally check out the next chapter in the Abbott family’s quest for survival. Now, one final trailer has arrived to hammer home the fact that in a couple short weeks, the wait will be over, and the silence will be broken.

This final trailer for A Quiet Place: Part II is full of action and confidence, which is a beautiful contrast from those early moments when writer/director John Krasinski wasn't sure he had a sequel in him. From the looks of these cryptic, but fast moving glimpses into the next volume of creature filled mayhem, the hype that critics were getting ready to release into the world looks to be well earned. And you can see it in not only the visuals, but also the plaudits that the film can already boast in this big push to get people back in theaters.

Picking up after the chaotic events of A Quiet Place, the Paramount sequel sees the surviving members of the Abbott family leaving the comfort of the farm they called home. As creatures still stalk the wilderness, Evelyn (Emily Blunt,) Reagan (Millicent Simmonds,) and Marcus (Noah Jupe) venture into uncharted territory. With the family’s latest addition of a newborn in tow, the danger factor is just a little higher this time around, in a world where sound could equal death. The sequel also introduces some new humans (Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou,) who are still rather mysterious, but look to be forces of good, as Evelyn tries to convince them that finding other survivors is the only way to stay alive.

Though movie theaters have been far from silent in the past couple of months, A Quiet Place: Part II has the potential to be a gargantuan hit when it opens on Memorial Day weekend. Estimates have pegged the film with $60 to $80 million coming in on that first weekend alone, which in our current climate is an encouraging sign that business could be headed back to normal. Those numbers might get a bit of a boost after the release of this trailer though, as the action we've just watched serves only to hype this long awaited sequel even further.

A Quiet Place: Part II is set to expand the world of that first film with suspense and humanity, and if you’re ready to count the days until it opens, May 28th is the date you should circle on your calendar. Though if you’re not feeling safe enough to head back to theaters, don’t worry, because Paramount’s got you covered there as well. Thanks to their recently negotiated theatrical window, 45 days after opening A Quiet Place: Part II will be headed to Paramount +.

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