John Wick 4’s Donnie Yen Has A Cheeky Response After Joining Keanu Reeves’ Franchise

Donnie Yen as Captain Tung in Mulan

John Wick is arguably one the best action franchises around today. Through three movies so far we've seen Keanu Reeves put through the wringer, but John Wick is still going, and we know he's going to fight on through at least two more films. While the only thing we know for sure is that John Wick: Chapter 4 is going to have some insane action scenes, we now know one other detail: John Wick is going to have some help. It was announced yesterday that Donnie Yen is set to join the next film, and the actor is clearly ready for this movie just like we are.

While a fight scene between Keanu Reeves and a character played by Donnie Yen sounds like just about the most amazing thing we could see, it doesn't sound like that's actually in the cards, as the report says that Donnie Yen is set to play an old friend of John Wick who shares many of the same enemies. Still, the next best thing to a fight scene between them will be a team-up, and Donnie Yen took to social media to confirm the news that he'll be in the movie, and strongly imply that this is a movie we should all probably see.

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Would we go see Donnie Yen in a John Wick movie? Yes, I think we all probably would. If you're a fan of action movies in general, then Donnie Yen is quite simply one of the biggest names in the genre. He's starred in countless amazing action films in Asia and more than a few stateside as well. Imagining him involved in one of those amazingly well choreographed John Wick fight sequences sounds like just the sort of thing that fans would love to see.

Donnie Yen will apparently play an old friend of John Wick and based on where John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum left off, John Wick could use all the friends he can find. The fact that he was even still alive at the end of the last movie was sort of a shock. And considering that each sequel has picked up pretty much immediately where the previous one left off, Wick is going to be hurting when Chapter 4 gets going.

With John Wick: Chapter 4 set for release next May, production on the film should be getting underway quite soon, One can expect that Keanu Reeves could be going through some of the wild training that we've seen him do previously, right now. Chad Stahelski is set to return to direct the next entry. One place where the movie will change is that the new film will be the first not written by franchise creator Derek Kolstad. Check out everything else we know about the film in the link below.

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