See Chris Pratt Happily Eat A Bug In Wild Throwback Video From Guardians Of The Galaxy's James Gunn, Just Because

Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy

You know how you can tell when a couple of guys are really good friends? When they do incredibly silly stuff together. By that measure, we now know for certain that James Gunn and Chris Pratt are really good friends. This is the only explanation I have for the fact that a video exists of Chris Pratt eating a bug, and that James Gunn is apparently the one that filmed it.

Yesterday was Chris Pratt's birthday, and so you would expect his friends to say nice things about him. At the very least I'm sure his personal Facebook page is full of birthday greetings from friends that probably would have missed his birthday entirely if Facebook hadn't reminded them. But another thing one can use birthdays for is embarrassing their friends, and that was James Gunn's plan, as he shared a video he filmed of Chris Pratt eating a crane fly. No, that's really all it is, give it a look.

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Let us, for a moment, consider the series of events that needed to transpire to get us here. Chris Pratt came over to James Gunn's house. Maybe he was invited to hang out, or maybe Pratt just dropped by. Then Chris Pratt had to decide to eat a bug and James Gunn had to decide to film it. Was Gunn filming Pratt for some other reason and the actor decided to eat a bug? Did Chris Pratt say "Hey James, turn your camera on and watch this?" And then, James Gunn had to decide to hold on to this, though one assumes he was holding on to it for just such an occasion as this.

I mean, in the grand scheme of things eating bugs is hardly the strangest thing one can do. Many cultures eat insects normally. Although, I would have assumed James Gunn feeds his guests better than this. Make note in case the Suicide Squad director ever invites you over, maybe bring some of your own food just in case.

But seeing that James Gunn and Chris Pratt have this much fun together certainly should have fans excited for everything the pair are going to do together, along with their Guardians of the Galaxy friends, later this year. Three separate projects are currently on schedule. The biggest of them, of course, is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which, after originally being set to be first film in Marvel's Phase 4, is now set to open in May of 2023. However, before that, we'll see a Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special on Disney+, and the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind roller coaster opening at Epcot at Walt Disney World, a project which is also set to include the MCU cast.

Whether Star-Lord will eat bugs in any of these productions remains to be seen.

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