As Disney World Gets More And More Crowded, Some Lines Are Extending Backstage

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With pandemic restrictions largely lifted at Walt Disney World, one would expect that things are largely, "back to normal." In fact, with social distancing and mask restrictions gone but the parks perhaps not up to full capacity, especially for the summertime, it could seem like now is the best possible time to visit theme parks like the most magical place on earth. And yet, it turns out massive lines aren't entirely gone, as some lines are so long they're revealing parts of the park that people were never really meant to see.

And in this case, the line in question isn't even for a popular attraction. An image on Reddit shows a massive line for people apparently looking for margaritas. The line for La Cava del Tequila, found in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot is stretching into the backstage area. Apparently some people really need a drink.

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This certainly isn't the first time that lines have ended up in strange places since Walt Disney World reopened. Due to social distancing the fact was that lines were physically longer than they'd possibly ever been, even while they technically contained fewer people due to the theme parks being forced to limit capacity. While capacity has largely increased in the recent months, and social distancing is done, it seems that not only are lines still quite long, but they're still stretching to places that they were never meant to go, indicating there was never an expectation the line would ever get that long.

In this case, the length of the line may simply be due to the fact that the tequila bar is a popular location, and so everybody wants to try it. Certainly, they must really want to try it if they're willing to get in a line like that. I like margaritas, but I'd probably go find something else to drink if the line was that long.

Some of it is likely due to the fact that while capacity has been increasing slowly, so too has the return of cast members to work. Not all services that we're used to seeing at Disney World are available to guests right now because the resort simply doesn't have the staff to provide it.

Having said that, it seems likely that Disney World is eyeing this October to be the real start of all things "normal." The 50th anniversary of the resort begins then, and we're seeing that with new shows and fireworks celebrations planned, the event will likely look more or less exactly like what was planned by the time we get there. Certainly, since the party is set to last 18 months, things will certainly be back to normal by the end of it all.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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