Chris Pratt And The Tomorrow War Cast Used A Ton Of Ammunition, But That Caused Real Problems

Maybe it's not that shocking a statement to make, but in Chris Pratt's new movie, The Tomorrow War, there are a lot of guns. Yes, the movie is about a literal war between humans and an alien threat, so you'd probably expect there to be a lot of guns, but even with that said, it seems like guns are being fired off by somebody at some point for nearly the entire movie. Chris Pratt admits shooting off that many guns was a lot of fun, but it has it's downsides too. Check out his full comments in the clip above.

Speaking exclusively with CinemaBlend, Chris Pratt says shooting all the guns that were needed in The Tomorrow War was, at least for him, one of the highlights of making the film. He clearly enjoyed the experience, but he also admits that dealing with that much gunfire is ultimately going to hurt your ears. Pratt says...

Yeah, yeah, tough on the ears. You got to have some ear protection.

The aliens in The Tomorrow War, massive animalistic creatures called "white spikes," are pretty tough and so they absorb a lot of bullets. This results in multiple scenes where multiple characters are simply emptying various machine guns into the creatures in an attempt to stop them. It makes for pretty cool action scenes, but one can only imagine that even with ear protection everybody's ears were probably ringing at the end of each shot.

The Tomorrow War was originally meant to be seen on the big screen and so if there's a silver lining to that it's perhaps that the audience wouldn't also need to wear ear protection. Considering just how constant the explosions are I can imagine some in a theater with a massive sound system could have potentially been overwhelmed unless they too brought something to protect their ears. At least watching the movie on Amazon Prime Video instead, you can turn the volume down. or turn it up if that's more your thing.

And ear damage wasn't the only potential issue that resulted from all the gunfire in The Tomorrow War. Co-star Jasmine Mathews told CinemaBlend that at the end of every day the floor was just littered with bullet casings. That sounds potentially dangerous too because if you step on one you could end up on your ass. How awful would it be if somebody twisted an ankle and delayed filming because they slipped on a bunch of shells? Mathews explains...

There were so many shells on the floor at the end of every day. I took one home as a souvenir.

Luckily, it sounds like everybody's ears and ankles made it through the production of The Tomorrow War ok. The end result is now available for fans to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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