Chris Pratt Is Hyped, Says 'There's A Reason Amazon Paid A Butt Load Of Money' For New Film The Tomorrow War

When movie theaters shut down last year we saw a trend emerging regarding the ways studios handled different films. The big blockbusters fans were excited for got delayed, while many smaller films tended to get shifted to one of the multitude of streaming platforms. That pattern has remained largely unchanged, and while we're seeing some big movies finally debut in theaters (though also on streaming platforms in many cases) we have seen a few movies that were potentially box office hits make the jump to streaming anyway. Chris Pratt says The Tomorrow War is one of those movies, as he's promising very big things from the new film.

A science fiction action movie starring Chris Pratt sounds like exactly the sort of project that people would pay money for to see on the big screen with a big bucket of popcorn. However, while the movie is set to debut this 4th of July weekend, a big movie release window most of the time, it will show up on Prime Video, not in theaters. But the star says there's a reason that Amazon decided to shell out the cash to get the rights to the film, it's just that good.

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While you certainly wouldn't expect Chris Pratt to say that his new movie wasn't great, he goes beyond the normal hype here. He could have simply said that a lot of people would enjoy it or that it would be fun. But he's gone above and beyond the standard language to say The Tomorrow War is the best movie coming out this year and that it will become your favorite movie. There's no equivocating here; Chris Pratt promises you will love this movie.

Chris Pratt's confidence is perhaps a little contagious. If he's so willing to state that the movie is that good, then there's probably something there. It's unlikely he'd make statements like this just to hype a movie that he didn't think could deliver. Whether or not The Tomorrow War is the best movie we'll all see this year remains to be seen, but I have little doubt that Chris Pratt himself truly believes that it will be.

We'll have to take his word for it at this point. The first trailer for The Tomorrow War was less than a minute long, so we really didn't get a chance to see much of the movie in order to form a real opinion. If you like science fiction action movies though, there does appear to be a lot here to enjoy.

The problem, of course, is that Chris Pratt is running a risk by elevating expectations. If you walked into The Tomorrow War simply expecting some fun, the bar is a bit a lower, but if you're expecting the best movie of the year, it really needs to deliver. Will it work? I guess we'll find out July 2.

Dirk Libbey
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