Indiana Jones 5 Filming Is Not For The Faint Of Heart As Actor Fell On Set During Chase Following Harrison Ford's Previous Injury

The new Indiana Jones movie took some time to finally make it in front of cameras, but the long awaited fifth adventure is finally in production. Although that production is having to overcome some hurdles of its own. First, star Harrison Ford injured his arm rehearsing a fight scene, and now there's been another injury on the set. An unnamed actor reportedly fell while filming a sequence where they chased after Indiana Jones, and it required the attention of the on-set medical team.

According to The Star, the fall came as part of a chase sequence where Indiana Jones is fleeing through a crowd of people who have assembled for a parade welcoming the Apollo 11 astronauts back to earth. As part of the chase the actor collided with a brass band of sailors, and it seems it was somewhere around there where something went wrong and the actor fell. He was attended to by on site medical personnel and it seems that after that he was back on his feet and was otherwise ok.

The report would also seem to confirm a few rumors about the new Indiana Jones movie itself. Specifically, that it takes place in the very late 1960s, and that the plot is connected to the space race. Although exactly how the Apollo 11 parade fits into the larger plot is still very much a mystery.

The sequence was shot with a body double for Harrison Ford taking on the role of Indiana Jones. While this scene may have expected to use a body double all along, Ford does not appear to be back on set yet following his own injury. He reportedly hurt his shoulder or arm while rehearsing an action sequence, and has been seen in London wearing a sling. And so it's possible this sequence was originally designed to include more of Harrison Ford but the body double was needed in order to get the shots and to prevent significant filming delays.

Indiana Jones 5 is set to open in just about a year, so as long as things can remain on the current schedule, the release date likely won't be delayed, but if the production does need to slow down in order to let Ford heal, we could potentially see the film's release pushed back yet again. Once upon a time we were expecting Indiana Jones 5 to open in theaters in July of 2019, but obviously that didn't happen. The film would see delays that would push it back several times to its current date, which is July of 2022.

At this point additional delays would not be shocking, at the same time, with production now underway it one would guess that everybody involved just wants to get the movie done and move on. Fans certainly don't want to see any additional delays as they've been hoping for another Indiana Jones adventure for years, far longer than simply the time that we've been expecting one.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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