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The Protégé’s Maggie Q Gets Honest About Why She Would ‘Never’ Play A Bond Girl

Maggie Q angrily firing a gun in The Protégé.

Any actor who’s worked with someone in the vicinity of the James Bond franchise is bound to be asked whether or not they’d ever want to jump into that particular sandbox at some point. But when you’re Maggie Q, and you’ve got an action film like The Protégé in theaters (with Casino Royale director Martin Campbell at the helm), those questions feel like they’re twice as likely to crop up. But don’t expect her in a 007 adventure any time soon, as Maggie Q gave an honest reason why she’s willing to say never to playing a Bond girl.

While promoting The Protégé, Maggie Q was asked about whether or not she’d want to play a potential female James Bond. That question led to the revelation that at some point in the franchise’s past, the Mission: Impossible and Die Hard series veteran was considered for the role of a Bond girl, only to be passed up as she “wasn’t Bond material.” It seemed to work out for the better, considering Maggie Q shared these feelings with People about what goes into the role of a Bond girl:

Oh, I would never play a Bond girl. I personally wouldn't make that choice. I think Bond girls are awesome. I would rather be Bond. I'm sorry, I'm not going to suppress skill sets because they need somebody to look good in a film.

Opting to be Bond rather than play an associate of the role, currently occupied by Daniel Craig, Maggie Q has certainly made a name for herself as an action star in her own right. The Protégé is a good example of the actor’s skill set, as all but two of the stunts performed in the film are done by Maggie herself. Save for a moment where her character Anna gets hit by a car and the rather impressive-looking moment where her stunt double shatters a table while fighting on top of it, Maggie Q shows off her action chops to a great extent. That’s something that, according to her assessment of the James Bond franchise, wouldn’t be possible as a Bond girl.

However, in a world where No Time To Die seems to be showing off female characters like Nomi (Lashana Lynch) and Paloma (Ana de Armas), both of whom look to get some serious action beats of their own, those feelings could always change. Maybe when the next James Bond is named, there’s a chance that this evolution could continue in the new era of 007. Even better, just as Nomi holds that particular number in service of her majesty, maybe Maggie Q could become the next female 00-agent to join the ranks.

It’s a lot of speculation, to be sure, but it all comes from Maggie Q’s feelings about what a “Bond girl” represents, versus what that sort of role could become. So long as the character description matches tradition, as opposed to evolution, you won’t see her stepping into that sort of role on the big screen. After watching her work in The Protégé, anyone would be hard pressed to argue against that stance, as Maggie Q has moves that could keep up with, if not surpass, Bond himself.

Judge for yourself by seeing The Protégé, which is currently in its exclusive theatrical release. And James Bond fans, don’t forget that No Time To Die will be headed your way this fall, with the UK getting the movie a bit earlier than US audiences. And if you're curious about the future of 2021 cinema, our official release schedule will be able to help decide which adventure to take next.

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