Here Me Out: Why Jungle Cruise 2 Needs To Sign On Brendan Fraser As Its Villain

Brendan Fraser takes a phone call looking rather upset in Trust.

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Disney, as of late, has been making a flurry of decisions when it comes to following up on movies past and present. Not only is there a new Rocketeer legacyquel on the way, but the followup to this summer’s big hit Jungle Cruise has also been given the greenlight! With Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt looking to book another cruise into the unknown, they’ll be in need of a villain to stand in the way of their next adventure. And it’s high time that Brendan Fraser be given the opportunity to play just that adversary in Jungle Cruise 2.

No, that’s not a random choice, as there are several key reasons why Mr. Fraser deserves a chance to play the bad guy. With the career experiences he’s had buoying him on the internet, both the past and present provide a clear path for Brendan Fraser’s potential adventuring into Jungle Cruise 2. Submitted for those who’d like to see more of this thought process, this is why Brendan Fraser and Jungle Cruise 2 are a perfect match!

Brendan Fraser holds an envelope in No Sudden Move.

We’re In The Middle Of A Brendan Fraser Renaissance

First, the most important (and most unavoidable) reason Brendan Fraser should be cast in Jungle Cruise 2 is the fact that his career is experiencing a huge comeback. With roles in Darren Aronofsky’s adaptation of The Whale, as well as Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon, Fraser is absolutely enjoying a resurgence. The iron is indeed hot, and getting the Doom Patrol actor in line to gleefully terrorize Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt couldn’t happen at a better time.

Brendan Fraser walking away from his car as Cliff Steele in Doom Patrol.

Brendan Fraser Doesn’t Normally Play Villainous Types

While Doom Patrol’s Cliff Steele/Robotman shows the world a more anti-heroic side of Brendan Fraser, it’s hardly a full-on baddie role. That is a concept that, at this moment, isn’t very familiar to fans of the friendly and beloved actor. But you can’t play the good guy forever, and Jungle Cruise 2 has that potential to usher in the mustache-twirling/pitch black evil phase of Fraser’s career that, should he want it, would be available. Plus, where better to write a new chapter of the Brendan Fraser renaissance than at the studio that helped make him?

Brendan Fraser swings on a vine and smiling in George Of The Jungle.

Bringing Brendan Fraser Back Home To Disney Feels Right

Through both Encino Man and the live-action adaptation of George of the Jungle, Brendan Fraser scored two iconic hits in his early career. As those titles were through the grace of Disney or its subsidiary studios, the home of Mickey Mouse has strong ties to the man that would eventually fight mummies and swing dance with Alicia Silverstone. In a twist of fate that feels just like Disney magic, having Brendan Fraser play a villain for Jungle Cruise 2 is a homecoming similar to when Kurt Russell returned to the studio for both Miracle and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Brendan Fraser armed with dual axes in The Mummy Returns.

Universal Might Take Note And Revive The Brendan Fraser Mummy Movies

Here’s something interesting to take note of: not only was there almost a fourth movie in Brendan Fraser’s Mummy franchise, but the man himself is all for returning. With his only requirement being that the next installment of his star-making franchise should “be fun”, it doesn’t sound like Fraser will take much convincing to resurrect Rick O’Connell. Making Jungle Cruise 2 is a shrewd move when it comes to such an investment, because even as the antagonist for Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt’s sequel, seeing Brendan Fraser playing in a similar sandbox would be enough of a barometer for how well a Mummy legacy-quel could do.

Dwayne Johnson Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall looking panicked and wet in Jungle Cruise.

The Jungle Cruise Franchise Plays Like A Descendant Of The Mummy Anyway

After seeing Jungle Cruise, there are three franchises that the Disney blockbuster feels like it's cribbing from. Director Jaume Collet-Serra’s fun filled thrill ride is a heady cocktail of Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones and, of course, The Mummy. This initial adventure definitely falls closer to the Indy side of that holy trinity, but there’s quite a bit of Mummy in there. So hiring Brendan Fraser to mix it up in Jungle Cruise 2 is absolutely something that would only make a good thing better.

The Rock sneers in front of a bowing Arnold Vosloo in The Mummy Returns.

It Would Be The Ultimate Full Circle Move For Mummy Alum Dwayne Johnson

Way back when Dwayne Johnson first bust into acting, The Mummy Returns saw the man known as The Rock square off against peak career Brendan Fraser. That was 20 years ago, and people are still talking about the results today with fondness, dodgy CGI and all. A rematch between Johnson and Fraser, with the tables turned in the hero/villain dichotomy, would be a hell of a draw for Jungle Cruise 2’s box office prospects. But more importantly, it’d be one of those full circle moments that Dwayne Johnson is known to look at and smile. You can practically see the Instagram photos and behind the scenes footage of the two clowning around already, and it’d just add more fuel to the promotional fire.

It may be too early for any legitimate story developments on Jungle Cruise 2, but it’s not too late to put Brendan Fraser’s name in the hat. Provided, of course, that he’d want to take part, as his schedule is only so open with his current commitments. But if it’s something that he’s amenable to, Disney should be pursuing Mr. Fraser with open arms, even if it’s to turn him against our heroes and the audience rooting for them.

If you haven’t seen Jungle Cruise and need some convincing that this is the right world for Brendan Fraser, then feel free to check the film out in theaters or through Disney+ Premier Access. You can unlock the latter through an additional purchase, in addition to a stand-alone subscription, or through accessing The Disney Bundle offer that also includes Hulu and ESPN+. Meanwhile, Fraser Fanatics can catch him on HBO Max’s Doom Patrol, which opens its third season on September 23. Which means you’ll need to check out the current subscription offer for HBO Max, should you want to catch up with that specific title.

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