Johnny Depp Slips Into Jack Sparrow Voice For A Young Fan On A Red Carpet And The Video Is Adorable

As a rule, pirates aren’t supposed to be anything near adorable or charitable. That’s kind of why they’re pirates and not good samaritans. Though famed Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp certainly hasn’t let that historical reality get in the way of using his Captain Jack Sparrow persona as a way to brighten the lives of his fans. And we’ve got our most recent look at Depp doing just that, as he slipped on the Sparrow charm for a young fan, during a red carpet event.

While attending the Deauville Film Festival this past Sunday, Johnny Depp was officially on hand to promote his film City of Lies. However, red carpets tend to draw fans of people like Depp in droves, and if there’s time, actors such as him like to interact with the public where possible. Which led to the following video, shared on Instagram:

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One moment, Johnny Depp is conversing in French with the young fan, dressed as a mini version of Pirates of the Caribbean’s former franchise lead. But in an instant, Depp is back in the mindset of Captain Jack, telling them that they look like him, and ending with a hug and a gracious acceptance of gifts. Closing the moment with a swift pirate’s salute, he seals the encounter with a memorable flourish, obviously delighting the child, and their guardian.

Recently, Johnny Depp has mostly been in the news for his ongoing legal woes, all in connection with his ex-wife Amber Heard, this is a moment that absolutely counts as Disney magic. Putting those very real concerns aside, Depp showed up to the Deauville Film Festival to embrace his work, and his fans. So what you’ve seen above couldn’t have come at a better time, as it shows that Johnny Depp can do just that, even during very pressing times.

That is doubly appropriate when it comes to City of Lies, a film that’s seen its release delayed for quite some time. Lawsuits on all ends of the production pushed a film that was supposed to have been released in 2018 into its eventual debut earlier this year. Director Brad Furman’s drama centered around the investigation into the deaths of rappers Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur can now finally be shown throughout the world, leaving one less concern for Johnny Depp to hold onto.

Which just ties back into the adorable moment that the actor was able to share with a child who still sees him as Captain Jack Sparrow. Pirates of the Caribbean may be heading in a new direction in the future, but at the moment, Johnny Depp is still very much the face of the franchise. So while he may have departed from the role of Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts series, there’s at least one of his iconic characters that still resonates with fans far and wide. For now, you can catch Johnny Depp in City of Lies, which is available on home video, as well as for streaming through Starz’s digital library.

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