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If you haven't yet heard about Ryan Reynolds' next project, Buried, it's something to look into. If you are aware of it, but don't feel the concept is very interesting, something might be very wrong with your brain. Seriously, seek medical attention. The film centers on a U.S. contractor in Iraq during the on-going conflict who wakes up to find himself buried underground with nothing more than a lighter and a cell phone. Did I mention that Reynolds is also the only person who shows up on screen, meaning that audiences will be spending two hours underground with him? Something tells me that might be a bit suspenseful.

Quiet Earth has just released the newest poster for the film, as well as two designs that didn't quite make the cut. While I like the one that they chose (anyone else getting flashbacks to Kill Bill 2?) I am kind of disappointed that they didn't go with the Saul Bass concept. Those who have read the script have said that it is filled with incredible levels of suspense and tension, so why not pay homage to supsense king Hitchcock through his number one poster designer? As for the third, while it isn't the worst idea I've seen on a movie poster, it is very similar to Edward Norton's Leaves of Grass, so it might be for the best that they overlooked it. Check out the posters below, and I apologize for their small size (I work with what they give me).

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