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Hot Tub Time Machine is the story of four friends who go on vacation, do some hot tubbing, and end up back in 1986. That right, it’s not just a clever title. The bubbles send them back in time. The movie’s first trailer is here and it’s every bit as ridiculous and hilarious as that title. If there’s a surprise in the trailer it’s that neither John Cusack nor Rob Corddry is the funniest thing about the trailer. It’s Craig Robinson who steals literally every scene. But then that’s no surprise if you’re one of the handful of lucky geniuses who made it a point to see Zack and Miri.

Throw on some leg warmers and load up your Sony Walkman, it’s the first ever trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine in HD on Yahoo, or simply watch it below.

And just in case you missed it, check out the equally awesome red band Hot Tub Time Machine trailer from a few months ago:

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