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A Gossip Girl is teaming up with a Twilighter in Dark Castle Entertainment’s The Apparition. Well, not really a gossip girl. It’s actually Sebastian Stan who’ll be joining Ashley Greene in the supernatural horror flick. On the show Stan plays Carter Baizen, one of Serena’s many love interests and a manipulative badass.

He’ll have to shed the tough guy image for The Apparition because it stars him and Greene as a couple terrified by a supernatural force let lose during a college experiment. According to THR, writer/director Todd Lincoln claims the story is inspired by true events. Shooting kicks off on February 1st in Germany and is set to relocate to Los Angeles in March.

Lincoln’s resume is pretty bare, so it’s hard to speculate what we’ve got coming. As for the lead, Greene and Stan could be a good pair. We’ll know more about what Greene is capable of beyond Twilight when Skateland bows at the Sundance Film Festival this month. Stan gets the job done in Gossip Girl, but I’d imagine his role in The Apparition doesn’t call for a monotone ever-sulking rich kid.

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