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Jason Statham deserves to be in better movies. Maybe this is the start of a new direction? The Mechanic looks brutally promising. In it he’s pitted against the highly underrated Ben Foster, who plays one of the best Western villains ever in 3:10 to Yuma. Here he’s back in the bad guy role and no matter what this movie is, having him tearing up the screen can only elevate the material.

The film’s a remake of a same-named movie which starred Charles Bronson. Maybe this is heresy, but I’m going to say it: Jason Statham is the closest thing we have to Bronson reincarnated. That he’s the one doing this is perfect.

The first trailer for The Mechanic is here. Be warned: If you haven’t seen the movie it’s remaking it may contain a major spoiler. On the other hand they threw it in the trailer, so maybe it’s not the spoiler it seems to be. Watch:

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