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Teaser trailers are known for being minimal and mysterious, but nothing comes close to what Lionsgate just debuted for Buried. You probably know by now that it's the thriller that debuted at Sundance, in which Ryan Reynolds plays a contractor in Iraq who wakes up locked in a coffin, and spends the entire movie with just a lighter and a cell phone to help him figure out a solution. The movie's selling point, and central gimmick, is that it's filmed entirely inside the coffin, which doesn't offer too many options for what to show off in the trailer. So Lionsgate took that limitation and ran with it, resulting in the pretty excellent teaser you're seeing below.

The trailer debuted today at, and you can watch it in HD there or in the player below. It's short, it's well-constructed, it's totally worth your time.

Watch in glorious high-res at

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