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Though the movie Greenberg treated her character pretty badly, Greta Gerwig has gotten a major career boost from co-starring with Ben Stiller in that recent Noah Baumbach film. The actress previously known for tiny mumblecore films like Hannah Takes the Stairs already snagged a role in Ivan Reitman's untitled "friends with benefits" comedy, and now she's taking another kind of supporting role: Deadline reports that she'll play the love interest of Russell Brand's character in Warner Bros.' remake of Arthur.

The role was originally played by Liza Minelli in the first film, which starred Dudley Moore and snagged a slew of Oscar nominations despite being, you know, a comedy. I love the idea of Gerwig, who has shown subtle comedic chops in her past films, having the chance to update a role originated by someone as iconic as Minelli. But will she be eaten alive by Russell Brand's loony-tunes onscreen persona? After she held her own against Ben Stiller's vicious Greenberg, I like to assume she'll be just fine.

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