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So far, the marketing campaign surrounding indie darling Buried has been really cool. The first poster and trailer for the Ryan Reynolds starrer are creepy and atmospheric to the point where you might be having nightmares about being buried alive even after the quickest glance.

The campaign continues today with a new motion poster that, well, is just like everything else you've seen for Buried. It's exactly what it sounds like, a living, (heavily) breathing version of the original poster, or just a tall version of the trailer. It's very neat, but I'd say they've exhausted this idea and need to move on to a new marketing tool for the film. They'll probably find some excuse to show off Reynolds' abs sometimes soon. That always seems to put butts in seats.

Scope it out below or at Yahoo! Movies, but be warned-- it loops. If you walk away from your computer to get a glass of milk and all of a sudden you hear panting and yelling, that is why. Buried hits theaters October 8th.

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