Odds are, you’ve completely forgotten about John Luessenhop’s Takers. Minus an impressive ensemble cast, there just wasn’t anything particularly alluring about this story of a successful band of crooks that agree to make their final heist the biggest yet. The folks over at Screen Gems bought themselves some serious time when they uprooted Takers from its original May 15th release date and plopped it down at the end of the summer in the August 20th slot. But there’s always the chance Takers was just running scared from Robin Hood and felt more comfortable in the company of Nanny McPhee Returns, The Switch and The Lottery.

Anyway, at least the new date means a new look for the promo material. IMP Awards has the film’s newest poster and while it’s not anything great, it does have a little more to offer than the original, which is pretty much just a class photo plus booze and angry faces. Even the tagline is a nice improvement. “Everyone’s After Something” is long gone and now we have “It’s only a crime if you get caught.” Again, nothing novel, but certainly more lively. Another smart move? Putting the eraser to Chris Brown and Michael Ealy making room for the film’s cop figures, Matt Dillon and Jay Hernandez, even if they’re barely visible. Compare for yourself and take a look at the new image and the older one below.


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