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Even though they promised the fourth one would be the last, Final Destination 5 is happening, and now it has a director. THR says Steven Quale has been hired to helm the next installment. This is good news for anyone who hated the horrible 3D used on the last one, since Quale is one of James Cameron’s proteges

His last directing gig was as a co-director with Cameron on his underwater 3D documentary Aliens of the Deep. The film was one of the documentaries used by Cameron to hone his 3D techniques as he ramped up to creating a fully, 3D, immersive world with Avatar. Speaking of Avatar, Quale served as Cameron’s second unit director on Pandora. Second unit directors, more often than not, end up shooting a lot of action sequences since those frequently involve only stuntmen and not any of the movie’s actual actors. So if you liked the way Avatar handled the 3D in some of those cool action shots, odds are Quale had at least some hand in that.

Final Destination is a franchise based entirely on the idea of inventing creative ways to make people dead. For three movies, it did that well. They ran out of gas on the last film and there’s no reason to expect the script for this new installment will be any better, but at least now it’ll look good. The Final Destination may have been the worst thing to happen to 3D since Sharkboy and Lava Girl gave millions of pre-teens migraine headaches, but with Quale in charge Final Destination 5 is sure to make 3D blood splatter look badass.