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The Simon Pegg-Nick Frost comedy Paul isn't due out until next March, so it's not exactly surprising that we've yet to see much from the film. Sure, we've seen the humans, but what people are really clamoring for is the alien for which the film is named. Voiced by Seth Rogen, Paul's visage has yet to be seen by the public, but when the cast and crew of the film took the stage at this year's Comic Con they brought some footage with them that finally gave the crowds of Hall H a look. And someone from that audience is sharing that look with you.

Bleeding Cool has gotten their hands on the first picture of the alien, which seems to have been taken by someone photographing the screen in Hall H. The site says that they cannot confirm that the picture is real, but, as I was present at the panel, I can. As I mentioned during my live blog, the rendering is only 95% complete, but considering the quality of this picture it hardly seems to make a difference. The character looks like your classic Area 51 conspiracy alien rather than something more creative, but that's kind of what they were going for in making this movie.

Check out the image full size over at Bleeding Cool.

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