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Covering this year's Tribeca Film Festival, one movie that really knocked me on my ass was Thomas Ikimi's Legacy. Taking place almost exclusively in a small, run-down Brooklyn apartment, Idris Elba, putting on one of the greatest performances I have seen from him, plays a former Black Ops soldier with a haunted past. He has lived through both mental and physical torture while abroad and now that he has returned, he is ready to take down the man responsible: his own brother. The movie is an incredible look into a shattered mind and now, I'm happy to say, that the film has been picked up for limited distribution.

Codeblack Entertainment has picked up the rights to the film, according to the Tribeca Film Festival website, and will release it later this year. I also received an email from Ikimi himself letting me know that the film will get a limited distribution in select cities and that a UK deal is currently in the works.

The film won't be shown in thousands of theaters, but I must highly recommend seeking this one out. Elba's performance alone is worth the price of admission, but the taut structure and style as well as the intensity level are what solidify the film. This is a movie to watch out for.

If my word isn't good enough, check out the teaser trailer below and you will immediately understand what I'm talking about.

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