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I've had an incredible curiosity about the upcoming film Buried from the minute I first read about it. The concept is simple, yet brilliant: an hour and a half trapped in a tiny coffin with a panicked Ryan Reynolds. I then got my hands on a copy of the script, with the intention of only reading the first 10 pages. I ended up not being able to put it down and finishing it in one night. Then came the response out of the Sundance Film Festival, which was overwhelmingly positive and led to the film being picked up by Lionsgate to be distributed this fall. With the release date of October 8th drawing ever closer, my anticipation grows, and everything that comes out from the film only makes me want to see it more.

Kino Gallery has posted a slew of images from the film, both behind the scenes and stills from the movie itself. Considering the incredibly little amount of space they had to film in, it looks as though the only source of light in the scenes comes from the props, such as the cell phone, glow sticks and lighter. This must have been an absolute nightmare in post-production, but I can only imagine how it affects the atmosphere.

Check out the images below and to see the full gallery head over to Kino Gallery.

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