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Following the release of the first theatrical trailer for Megamind, I was actually fairly high on the film. It appeared to have some genuinely funny moments while playing with the Superman-Lex Luthor dynamic from the point of Luthor. Sadly, the film's second extended trailer replaces that with stupid sight gags and an over-seen plot.

Apple has released the newest promo for the film and while it starts out great (I like the idea of a prison being for the "criminally gifted"), but quickly heads downhill when we see a bearded, retired MetroMan talking about his new found love for music. I get it! He's playing a ukulele instead of a guitar because he's so big and it looks funny! The trailer is almost saved when the "forget-me stick" comes into play, but then they have to cut back to MetroMan playing a song about x-ray vision. A shame, really.

Check out the trailer below or in HD over at Apple.

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